The #1 reason you should do agile
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The #1 reason you should do agile

Agile doesn’t make anyone work faster or deliver more at a higher pace. When things are predictable (spoiler alert: they never are), waterfall is actually way faster and more efficient. So then what's the #1 reason to be agile?

Tommi Forsström – PM Insider
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Why the ghostbusters are the perfect agile team

Ray the Scientist, Egon the Engineer, Peter the Charmer, and Winston the Muscle. Different competencies putting on matching overalls and embarking on a shared mission: saving NYC from ghosts. Here’s how you can inject the same level of awesome into your agile organization.

Tommi Forsström – PM Insider
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To come up with a good idea, start by imagining the worst idea possible

There are many creative tools you can use to think differently, but none are more counter-intuitive than “wrong thinking.” That’s when you intentionally think of the worst idea possible — the exact opposite of the accepted or logical solution, ideas that can get you laughed at or even fired — and work backward to identify new ways of solving old problems. Oddly enough, this method has resulted in big wins across multiple disciplines.

Ayse Birsel – Harvard Business Review

"Digital transformation" is a misnomer

Digital transformation is fundamentally about an organization's ability to adapt to rapid changes in the market. It involves ongoing scanning of the environment to recognize evolving trends, continual experimentation to determine how to effectively respond to those trends, and then propagating successful experiments across the company.

Gerald C. Kane – MIT Sloan Management Review

Stuck in the company with you

The problem is not getting stuck wondering what to do -- it’s getting unstuck to start the doing. Ideas are never the problem. Testing them is.

Beth Temple – LinkedIn
User Experience

Friction isn't always the bad guy in user experience

It’s true that friction can disrupt usability, frustrates a user, and might even drive them to abandon your product altogether. However, when carefully applied to the right area, friction can actually enhance the user experience.

Sadhana Balaji - Chargebee
Data-Driven Decision-Making

Case studies from leading orgs reveal how growth teams should use data and feedback

Any decision you make when launching a new product, optimizing an existing one, or pivoting from an old one can be supported by data and feedback. These case studies from companies like Amazon, Yahoo, and Ryanair reveal how to do this in practice.

Geoff Daigle – ThinkGrowth

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