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A detailed guide + data for breaking into product management

A detailed guide of the DOs and DON'Ts of landing a product role all the way from the application to the interview stage + a list of the top 50+ questions one product manager got during their hunt.

Maria P – PM Insider
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Announcing the 2017 NY Product Conference and this year's theme

As product people, we love our users. Nothing gives us more joy than solving their problems, seeing them delighted, and if we’re lucky, changing their quality and length of lives. If you’re based in NYC, this is the perfect event for you, featuring product leaders from Jet, Atlassian, and Alpha. (Scroll down to the event section in this email for an exclusive PM Insider discount!)

Brent Tworetzky – Medium
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Influencing Stakeholders

What everyone gets wrong about stakeholders

Product Managers view stakeholders as gatekeepers for launching products. They design for consensus to satisfy this large group of internal people, and get approval to create and ship the product. However, designing for consensus of internal people who do not use or buy the products just creates terrible products, here’s why.

Melissa Perri – Medium

Evaluating product managers and teams

It is well accepted that outcomes – such as product adoption, customer satisfaction, user experience, and product performance – rather than outputs and tactical tasks should be used in evaluating product managers. However, in practice, these outcomes are at least influenced by – and often determined by – external factors. What are these external factors and how do we account for them when evaluating product managers?

Satheesh Nanniyur – Mind The Product

Why you need a thirty year plan

While five-year plans are something that are increasingly becoming a thing of the past, here’s why your product needs a thirty-year plan (yes, thirty) according to Ken Norton.

Ken Norton

Escaping email hell

Love it or hate it, e-mail is likely a major part of your job. Even with modern replacements like Workplace or Quip, asynchronous written communication is essential for sharing plans, providing feedback, and aligning teams. And as your team grows, you’ll have more people to connect with, and more and more e-mails to write and respond to. Here’s how to escape from sinking into email hell.

Julie Zhou - The Year of the Looking Glass
User Insights

The dark side of growth

If you want to grow a business quickly, the first step is to destroy it. When Howard Schultz bought Starbucks, it was a small, local coffee chain in Seattle that didn’t even have Espresso drinks. As soon he bought it, Schultz proceeded to destroy the business, changing it forever. Are you prepared to do the same?

Taylor Pearson – The Mission

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