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Career Advice

As a product manager, what is your unfair advantage?

Every great product manager has some unfair advantage that makes them special. Here are some examples and a quick guide for figuring out your unfair advantage.

Jeff Morris Jr. – PM Insider
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Life Advice

How to apply product management to your life

While the product management community often talks about how life experiences can inform work, one product manager at eBay hypothesized about how his work experiences could help him improve his life and achieve his personal goals.

Nick Roberts – PM Insider
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Tips & Tactics

Give your product some personality

When people describe their friends and acquaintances, they use adjectives and refer to personalities. Customers use the same terms when they tell friends about new products. Here’s how to influence the conversation.

Jeff Morris Jr. – PM Insider
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Building products using personas vs. jobs-to-be-done

Jobs-to-be-done focus on user problems and needs, while well-executed personas include the same information and also add behavioral and attitudinal details.

Page Laubheimer – Nielsen Norman Group

How to improve your experiment design

Don't just test for whether a feature is a good idea or not. Product management is about prioritizing, so you need to set up your experiments to help you identify the biggest opportunities for new features.

Teresa Torres – Product Talk
Product Marketing

10 lessons learned from telling customer stories

Does anyone really want to read another success story about how a software company changed a customer’s life? Everywhere you look, companies are investing in written testimonials and marketing videos to showcase how much better off a customer is after finding their product. Surely there has to be value in sharing them, right?

Nadia Basil – HelpScout

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