Does your process require more process to work?
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Are your product management processes creating more problems than they solve?

Building a product is a cross-functional endeavor. The problem is that most product managers don’t have authority over any of the people involved in the collective effort. To be effective, product managers must align their teams by being leaders rather than commanders, and they must make careful use of the most powerful weapon in their arsenal: process. Here’s how to separate good ones from bad ones.

Mike Fishbein - Alpha Blog
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B2B vs. B2C product management

While frequently thought of as less glamorous than working at a consumer tech startup, there is actually plenty of upside for those working in product management at large, B2B organizations. There is a lot more room for improvement, not to mention the benefits of learning how to operate within constraints.

Katerina Suchkova - PM Insider
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How design sprints lead to better product decisions

Most product teams already buy into the value of experimentation and user insights. For corporate product teams in particular, the primary challenge is in setting aside the time to make experimentation a continuous process. That’s why the design sprint has emerged as a powerful framework.

Nis Frome - Alpha Blog
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How *required fields can help your product stand out from the competition

While it’s important to eliminate friction for your users, sometimes requiring mandatory fields can differentiate and uphold the quality of your product. There are some surprising benefits you might not have thought of.

Rohan Bhatore - PM Insider
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How Amazon uses high-velocity decision-making

Jeff Bezos' latest letter to shareholders is causing a stir. He explains how Amazon is succeeding by staying in Day 1 and refusing to go to Day 2. And he references this nifty concept called "high-velocity decision-making." It's a must-read.

Business Insider

Don't do innovation for PR purposes

Unfortunately, many organizations seem to do 'innovation theater' which gets them attention, but ultimately delivers nothing to the bottom line. Here's why it's important to shift from buzzwords to actual innovation.


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