Negotiation tactics to save your product and product team
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Aligning Stakeholders

A roadmap hostage crisis: 5 negotiation tactics to save your product

You need to free your company’s product roadmap from the on-going standoffs: fact versus opinion, data versus gut-feel, and market needs versus feature ideas. If you fail, the product could flop. If you triumph, you can deliver an experience that thrills your customers. The clock is ticking, so let’s get right to it!

Ryan Troll – PM Insider
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Aligning Stakeholders

The eternal tension between PM and UX: Who really owns product design?

In an ideal world, Product Managers and UX Designers are two dancers in total synchronicity with each other, their relationship full of synergy and harmony. In the real world this relationship can exist; but often it does not. When tensions arise between PM and UX, who has the final say? How do you diffuse these disagreements to the betterment of the Product?

Sam J Horodezky – PM Insider
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Removing the roadblocks to corporate innovation

Innovation theory and innovation in practice are radically different. Here are some simple tools from product veteran, Steve Blank, to get your company’s innovation pipeline through the obstacles it will encounter.

Steve Blank

Customer inspired; technology enabled

One of the most enduring myths in the product world is that great products result from listening to your customers (or prospective customers). But just as Jeff Bezos said in his latest Shareholder Letter, “No customer ever asked Amazon to create the Prime membership program.” In fact, the source of true innovation may be different than you think.

Marty Cagan – Silicon Valley Product Group

How design thinking, lean, and agile go together

There's three mindsets that have been corrupted by the tantilising promise of desierable goals, and by people who have followed the steps without really thinking it through. People have a real need to change, but they get stuck following rules or process without really understanding why.

Jonny Schneider – Mind the Product

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