5 tips to level up your ability to rally stakeholders
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Negotiation skills for product managers: 5 things you need to know

From roadmapping to user experience, product managers spend virtually their entire days negotiating with varying stakeholders and making decisions. Getting negotiation right enables agility, better outcomes, and higher team morale. This article covers the core concepts of principled negotiation.

Brent Tworetzky – PM Insider
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Your product's most important feature isn't getting the attention it rightfully deserves

Every product team tries to prioritize features that most significantly drive sales and retention. Few however realize that reporting dashboards present exactly that opportunity. That’s because product teams are typically focused on end users while sales teams interface with actual buyers and decision makers. This ‘misalignment’ is almost always benign, except when it comes to the critical feature of reporting.

Nis Frome – Reflect Blog
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User Insights

What future role will brokers have within insurance marketplaces?

Every year, dozens of eager startups emerge to ‘reinvent’ the insurance marketplace, believing that a direct-to-consumer model will eventually displace brokers. To test this, we used Alpha’s on-demand user insights platform to go directly to brokers and decision-makers in SMB insurance marketplaces, and evaluate opportunities for technologies to improve key workflows and experiences.

Milos Peluffo – Alpha Blog
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Iteration = time to learn, not time to build

It’s important to remember that iteration time is a critical aspect of starting a new business or launching a new product. Yet there are a few key misconceptions around the topic, that cause product managers to waste time and resources.

Tristan Kromer – Grasshopper Herder

Changing company culture requires a movement, not a mandate

For organizations seeking to become more adaptive and innovative, culture change is often the most challenging part of the transformation. But culture change can’t be achieved through top-down mandate. Someone with authority can demand compliance, but they can’t dictate optimism, trust, conviction, or creativity.

Bryan Walker and Sarah A. Soule – Harvard Business Review

The boss wants you back in the office

While larger organizations have begun to embrace flexible work practices, fewer and fewer of them are favoring full-time working from home. Employers like Reddit and Aetna are among many that have ended or reduced remote-work arrangements in an attempt to create better collaboration, and closer contact with customers.

John Simons – The Wall Street Journal

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