Forecasting delivery in an agile environment
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The baller way to forecast delivery dates in an Agile environment

The main point of Agile is acknowledging that you don’t really know the problems until you engage them. How, then, do you reconcile the need to forecast dates for all those depending on you?

Tommi Forsström – PM Insider
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Aligning Stakeholders

How to use product discovery skills to build alignment, at work or at home

While people often tend to focus on solutions, when product teams step back to build agreement on what problem they are solving and which constraints are important, they find it much easier to agree on which solution to pick. The next time you face disagreeing decision makers, follow these product discovery steps to define the problem in a way that leads to easy agreement.

Holly Hester-Reilly – PM Insider
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Why every product manager should be able to prototype

Of all the activities that product managers do, prototyping may be the closest to the problem-solution bridge itself. It’s the first step we take toward solving a user’s problem, and when done right, it deliberately reduces risk by ensuring we’re not wasting time designing and delivering the wrong thing. Here’s why every product manager should be able to prototype.

Winston at productboard – Medium
Influencing Stakeholders

Addressing executive swoop-ins

A project is in development. You and the team believe in what you’re doing, and things are coming together nicely. Then, late in the game, out of the blue, a company leader, perhaps even the CEO, swoops in with a product idea that you don’t agree with, but now you feel responsible to act on it. Here are the Do’s and Don’t’s.

Julie Zhuo – Medium

Building empathy in a product team

For product teams, empathy building activities such as observing research or doing customer support is often not considered “real work”. However, product teams that consistently keep customer needs in mind are able to maintain and evolve their products in ways that won’t negatively impact the user experience. Here’s a look at how Intercom does it.

Sinead Cochrane – Intercom

SearchUps before StartUps

As most StartUps fail, there must be something wrong with how we define or think about a StartUp. Dig deeper, and you will find that most first-time founders struggle to do two fundamentally different jobs, that of search and build, at the same time. Here’s why identifying as a SearchUp early on, is more conducive to building solutions to problems.

Zevae M. Zaheer - LinkedIn
User Insights

How to use customer feedback to prioritize your product roadmap

For how crucial customer feedback is to everything PMs do in the subscription business, there is still a divide between customer feedback and the value that you can draw from it. Bridging the gap calls for tying feedback back to the job your customers have hired your product to achieve on the one hand, and working the right solutions into your product roadmap, on the other.

Yohann Kunders – Chargebee
User Insights

How to use customer feedback to identify pain points

As product managers, it’s important to have the infrastructure in place to collect customer feedback. But you can collect the most descriptive, insightful feedback possible and still not have it result in something meaningful. Here’s how to use customer feedback to align your business with your customers.

Yohann Kunders – Chargebee

3 questions that can help save your business before it's too late

Modern leaders challenge their existing products and business models, even when year over year revenue numbers are looking strong. Ask these 3 questions to continuously save your business before it’s too late.

David J Bland - Medium
Customer Experience

Here's why Zola cherishes its NPS detractors as much as its promoters

Zola’s NPS scores have recently improved by over 50%, surpassing both Amazon’s score and the retail industry benchmark. In this exclusive interview, Shan-Lyn Ma, CEO of Zola goes beyond the basics of NPS and zeroes in on how Zola acts on it — specifically feedback coming from detractors.

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