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[Free Report] Product management survey results about experimentation, roadmaps, and more

We surveyed 140 products managers to explore five key day-to-day product management activities, including how to run experiments more efficiently, opportunities to increase collaboration with key stakeholders, and benchmarks for reporting and roadmapping.

Sam Henick – Alpha Blog
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Career Advice

Product management starter kit: books and blogs you need to know

Whether you’re looking to transition into product management, or you’ve been in the fields for years, here are some stellar books and blogs to keep in your back pocket.

Katerina Jeng – PM Insider
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User Insights

Design Sprints vs. Agile Sprints

Product development teams are continually under the gun to get better products to market, in less time and budget. To do so effectively, they need to figure out the right cadence for combining design sprints, code sprints, and agile.

Jay Melone – PM Insider
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Data-Driven Decision-Making

This matrix helps growing teams make great decisions

Here's a helpful framework for increasingly autonomous and fragmented teams to leverage in order to keep moving fast and smart through tough choices.

First Round Review
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Maximizing user research across the product lifecycle

If you’re thinking about hiring your first researcher, or are currently a research paratrooper who wants to be embedded on a product team, you’re probably asking – how do you know which team needs a researcher the most? How do you continue to support other teams that need research done?

Sinead Cochrane – Intercom Blog

Stakeholder management: how to get everyone on the same page

How do you get a huge numbers of stakeholders together to make decisions on things that everyone cares a lot about? The stakes are high because everyone is thinking about how the choices are going to affect their different teams, and each person has different context, goals, experiences, and risk tolerance.

Jackie Bavaro – Medium

Product management and radical candor

As a product manager, it’s vital you learn to lead the teams you work with through candid communication, inspiring vision, and authentic inspiration.

Austin Nichols - Product Coalition on Medium

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