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Since launching in early 2017, Product Management Insider has quickly become one of the most popular communities and resources for industry professionals. The publication consists exclusively of contributed content from product practitioners, and has thus far featured more than 20 authors and 40 articles! Here's our best 10.

PM Insider
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Why branding is pivotal to product success

Branding is an often overlooked activity in product management. But whether you're launching a new product or enhancing an existing one, a strong brand is critical to your success as a product manager.

Shelley Iocona – PM Insider
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Six lessons from a PM's first six months in the role

When Becky first became a product manager, she didn’t have any knowledge of agile or scrum methodologies, or even a clear sense of what a PM role entailed. Here’s what she learned in her first six months on the job.

Becky Allen – PM Insider
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Data-Driven Decision-Making

[Podcast] How a serial entrepreneur helps global organizations 'innovate with confidence'

In this podcast, Thor Ernstsson, founder of Alpha, talks about how he drives experimentation and on-demand user insights at some of the world’s largest companies. Thor emphasizes the importance of making customer-centric decisions and provides the tools to do so.

Thor Ernstsson – "Making it Real" podcast

Product people KPIs aren't about the product

While product people are worried about the ‘one metric’ for their product or velocities for their engineering teams, the product community doesn’t talk much about the KPIs for product people. Let’s fix that.

Chris Butler – The Mission
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Speed in software development

Many companies grow up, slow down, and die. Good development pace is essential for surviving but speed in software development is an extremely complex topic. It is influenced by many things, often in a surprising way.

Michael Dubakov – TargetProcess
Data-Driven Decision-Making

Making good decisions as a product manager

PMs don’t need to make every decision, but they are responsible for ensuring a decision gets made and for the resulting outcome.  What does it mean for a PM to be a good decision maker?

Brandon Chu – The Black Box of Product Management in Medium

What energizes a product manager

As a product manager, you want to build product that impacts the lives of your customers. Doing so likely energizes you. But to truly tap this energy reserve, you need direct customer contact, ideally in person.

Brian Donohue – Intercom

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