Are sprints still relevant? Are any processes really that important?
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The product you build is ultimately more important than how you build it

Product managers glorify the process of everything we build. However, customers only care about how our products feel in their hands, and nothing else. Customers do not care about Slack debates, JIRA tickets, or the roadmap compromises made along the way. PMs need to focus less on glorifying the process for everything ‘product people’ do and focus more on what actually matters.

Jeff Morris Jr. – PM Insider
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Are sprints still relevant?

When it was introduced years ago, Sprints were envisioned as a more nimble alternative to slow, outdated software engineering practices like Waterfall. Over the next years, its value was clearly proven and its adoption is now widespread. What is the state of development methodologies today?

Blaine Willhoft – PM Insider
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Industry news

What it's like to be a product manager in 2017

As more organizations adopt product management as a central role and activity, common practices and processes have begun to emerge. In order to highlight best practices and cutting-edge techniques, here are the takeaways from a survey of digital product managers about key day-to-day activities.

Sam Henick – Invision Blog
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Tips & Tactics

Fooled by randomness? A consultants foray into statistics in product management

One product consultant reflects on the consequences of having limited expertise in statistics, but explores how we can still learn and iterate without being math geniuses.

Derek DeHart - PM Insider
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User Experience

Why it's so hard to create a good user experience in the Internet of Things

Creating a good user experience for IoT products is hard. There are more layers of technology, more users to please, and more teams to coordinate than ever before. Are you prepared to lead the way as an IoT Product Manager?

Daniel Elizalde – Tech Product Management
Data Driven Decision Making

Metrics. Metrics everywhere.

Analytics is a multidimensional field that uses mathematics, statistics, predictive modeling, and machine learning to find meaningful patterns and knowledge in recorded data. At first glance, it seems easy to come up with a system for these metrics. How does it always manage to get out of hand so quickly?

Sergey Prihodko – WeAreBrain on Medium
Career Advice

5 takeaways from a product manager's first year in the role

After completing his first full year as a product manager, this PM decided to reflect on his experiences and set goals for the next year.

Vikram Singh – LinkedIn

Adhocracy – a new management approach

Just what is management? Is it a science? Is it - as Peter Drucker proposed - a liberal art? Or simply a craft? Perhaps it is this lack of clarity about the exact nature of management that makes it so prone to fads and fashions - a discipline that has been repeatedly disrupted and is constantly on the lookout for the next new thing, whether frightening or reassuring.

Julian Birkinshaw et al - London Business School

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