Breakdown of PM skills, career paths, and expectations
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Product manager skills by seniority level – a deep breakdown

As companies build out their product management organizations, it's helpful to have a framework for hiring, performance, and expectations. This amazing breakdown covers product manager career paths and role definitions.

Brent Tworetzky – PM Insider
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Processes vs. modeling

There’s an old saying which comes from the world of statistics: “All models are wrong, but some are useful.” But there is always the risk that someone will take the conceptual model too literally, or project too much into it, and interpret it as a prescriptive process. Here’s how to balance Process vs. Model according to Marty Cagan.

Silicon Valley Product Group

Culture for a digital age

Shortcomings in organizational culture are one of the main barriers to company success in the digital age according to a recent survey of global executives by McKinsey. Risk aversion, weak customer focus, and siloed mind-sets have long bedeviled organizations. In a digital world, solving these cultural problems is no longer optional, it’s a necessity.

McKinsey & Company

Process for choosing the right features to build

Product teams aim to create features that will delight users. However despite their best efforts, things don't always work out. There can be dozens of reasons as to why. Check out the Kano Model as a way to increase the likelihood of success. on Medium

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