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Everything one engineer read on her way to becoming a PM at Facebook

Ramya Sethuraman shares her sketches and notes from reading many of the classic product management books. She provides fantastic summaries of works by authors like Clayton Christensen, Marty Cagan, and Peter Thiel.

Ramya Sethuraman - PM Insider
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Questions and tips for interviewing product managers from the EVP of Product at XO Group

As organizations invest more in product management it's critical to ensure that you're bringing the right people into the mix. Brent Tworetzky offers an excellent guide to running the interview and hiring the right candidates.

Brent Tworetzky - PM Insider
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Why soldiers and chefs make the best product managers

Every product manager must make decisions under uncertainty and pressure. Turns out the work environment of chefs and soldiers requires this same set of skills, making those with prior experience in these unique professions very likely to succeed.

 First Round Review

Innovate with confidence, not buzzwords

Ahead of his talk at IIEX NA, Alpha CEO, Thor Ernstsson, shares three innovation buzzwords that companies use, but may not truly understand.

GreenBook Blog
Product Psychology

Consumers don't want something truly new, they want the familiar done differently

With Americans consuming $2.5 billion worth of sushi annually, it’s hard to imagine a time when sushi was an unpopular product and almost exclusively bought by a Japanese-American clientele. However, this was the reality for Japanese restaurant owners in America during the 1970s. Created with the American consumer in mind, the california roll is what launched sushi into a mainstream meal and taught product managers that sometimes, the familiar done differently is far better than something brand new.

Startup Grind

Red flags in your customer discovery process

As any good product team knows, customer discovery is critical to validating (or invalidating) assumptions. Here are the 6 signs that your team is doing it all wrong.

Silicon Valley Product Group

Human beings can outsell computers and here's why

Leaders are finding it more and more convenient to automate business functions that were once handled by employees. However, this case study on an auto-insurance startup proves that automation can often lead to the loss of the “trust” factor that’s only present when customers are serviced by real people.

Bob Dorf - Inc

Analyzing the spectrum of corporate innovation from R&D to VC

In the battle to "innovate or die" organizations are taking a number of different routes to innovate. Here's an analysis of each and the overall state of corporate innovation.


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