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Thanks to you, "The Innovator" is now "Product Management Insider"

Thanks to feedback from hundreds of subscribers, we've learned what it takes to help you be the best at product management. Over the next few emails, we'll be rolling out a suite of new features such as exclusive content, a job board, event calendar, and more. Keep the feedback coming (reply directly) to make it even better.

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A new book about product management fundamentals

Brian Lawley has been at the forefront of quantifying product management principles for nearly two decades, through his renowned consulting and training firm, 280 Group. Together with the company’s Director of Products and Services, Pamela Schure, Lawley recently achieved a meaningful milestone on this journey. The two co-authored Product Management for Dummies, introducing the increasingly important role to Wiley’s hit series of guides, and applying an inviting and familiar format to learning product management.

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Why Amazon is the most innovative company in the world

Many industry analysts now consider Amazon to be the most innovative company in the world. That’s a fair assessment given how the company has disrupted dozens of industries, seemingly at will. They’ve been able to do so by always keeping one simple rule in mind: deliver value to end customers.

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How to build frictionless products

It often seems as though building a product that merely satisfies a customer’s need is challenging in and of itself. But it’s important to go one step further: to make using the product as seamless as possible. Fortunately, Amazon has a handy playbook.

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When you don't get user feedback, here's what happens

Among record-setting comebacks and 114 million viewers, this year’s super bowl also featured an advertisement from the innovative card game “Cards Against Humanity.” However, when it came to their commercial, they did anything but innovate. The ROI of the commercial came out to a whopping $0 since they failed to follow the universal rule of product and content: user feedback.

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How to get results from implementing lean and agile techniques

As the hype behind lean and agile slowly begins to settle, many product teams are realizing that these methodologies aren’t silver bullets for the complexity of product development. Legendary product leader Marty Cagan outlines the most common reasons why lean and agile fall short of expectations, and highlights best practices for putting them in practice.

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Product Strategy

From Farmville to Pharma to Alpha

Thor Ernstsson, CEO of Alpha, goes on Healthegy’s podcast to discuss the difficulties of iterating in regulated environments (think: healthcare and financial services). He shares insights into how he built a healthcare startup leveraging creative experimentation, and ultimately exited to UnitedHealthGroup.

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