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Overcoming unrealistic expectations in product management

Product management is one of the hottest roles in tech right now. Unfortunately, in many ways it's been overly dramatized, leading to unrealistic standards for what a product manager can do and achieve. Here are 7 common myths about the role, and a dose of reality for each.

Anastasia Shakhaeva - Medium Story in PM Insider
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How to break into product management

As you all know, getting that first PM role is highly competitive. Beyond interviewing well, here are Product School's tips for standing out.

Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia - Medium Story in PM Insider
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What to do when your title isn't "product manager" but you need to manage the product

Managing a product is no easy task, especially for those who don’t have the official title of “product manager” but are still expected to do the work. Here is a rundown of roles from product owner to project manager, and how they can work together effectively.

Shelley Iocona - Medium Story in PM Insider
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How to push your team to experiment and take risks

Without careful consideration, the steps that managers take to help their team take risks instead often contribute to the inertia. To get your team to experiment more, abandon ‘best practices’ and use these tried and true principles.

Sara Critchfield - Harvard Business Review

How to say no to customers

As your product becomes more popular, you have more customers and stakeholders to consider. That means sometimes saying no to a single customer’s request. Here’s how to do so professionally and elegantly.

Sharon Moorhouse - Intercom

Putting customer experience at the heart of your next gen operating model

As digital products continue to disrupt the marketplace, entrenched organizations are going to have to move faster and adapt to a more holistic approach to customer experience. Now is the time to shift from incremental to exponential.


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