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Did you notice LinkedIn's website redesign? Here's what users think of it.

When LinkedIn decided to redesign their website, their intention was to simplify the user experience by borrowing familiar design constructs from Facebook. We wanted to determine if they successfully achieved the objective, so we took the liberty of conducting on-demand user research. We learned quite a bit, and have videos, data, and quotes to back it up!

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Turning user insights into buy-in for products, features, and experiences

User feedback and behavior reveals which product ideas are misguided and which are potentially lucrative. In a perfect world, that would suffice – all relevant stakeholders would align around next steps and focus on the validated opportunities. But as anyone who wasn’t hired yesterday can attest, getting buy in isn’t nearly that straightforward. Here's what leaders from Spotify and Ernst & Young do to get buy-in.

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Six steps to superior prototyping

A growing user base leads to countless requests. To prioritize requests, product teams need to rapidly iterate on prototypes, which means that they must have a robust process around building prototypes. In an exclusive interview, one of the engineering masterminds behind Apple and Oculus reveals the six most important steps when it comes to creating product prototypes.

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The unfortunate impact of poor product decisions

Snapchat just had an impressive IPO, so it's difficult to find fault with the company. But one longtime user just penned a strongly worded article about why he and his friends are migrating to Instagram. Could Snapchat’s reign be coming to an end? What are the ramifications for other companies that sacrifice user experience for other priorities?

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Legendary author, Stephen King, explains how to write (and iterate) successfully

Renowned author Stephen King has stepped out of his supernatural realm of fiction and decided to share everything writers need to know to about writing successfully. But his advice is equally valuable for product managers, entrepreneurs, and anyone going through a creative process.

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"Conducting customer discovery at scale is a daunting challenge. Alpha's platform is the most powerful tool I’ve seen to date."

- Bob Dorf

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